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The Iowa Senate is the upper house of the Iowa General Assembly, United States. There are 50 seats in the Iowa Senate, representing 50 single-member districts across the state of Iowa with populations of approximately 60,927 per constituency, as of the 2010 United States Census.[1] Each Senate district is composed of two House districts. The Senate meets at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines.

Unlike the lower house, the Iowa House of Representatives, Senators serve four-year terms, with no term limits. Terms are staggered so that half the Senate is up for reelection every two years.


The President of the Senate presides over the body, whose powers include referring bills to committee, recognizing members during debate, and making procedural rulings. Unlike the more powerful Speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives, the Senate President cannot appoint committee chairmanships or shuffle committee memberships.[2] The Lieutenant Governor of Iowa was the presiding officer of the Senate until 1988, when an amendment to the Constitution of Iowa was passed in a referendum (effective from 1991).[3] The other partisan Senate leadership positions, such as the Majority and Minority leaders, are elected by their respective party caucuses to head their parties in the chamber.

The President of the Senate is Republican Jake Chapman of the 10th District. The Majority Leader is Republican Jack Whitver of the 19th District. The Minority Leader is Democrat Zach Wahls of the 37th District.

Committee leadership

CommitteeChairVice ChairRanking Member
AgricultureDan ZumbachAnnette SweeneyKevin Kinney
AppropriationsTim KraayenbrinkMark LofgrenJoe Bolkcom
CommerceJason SchultzCarrie KoelkerJim Lykam
EducationAmy SinclairJeff TaylorHerman Quirmbach
EthicsCarrie KoelkerJim CarlinPam Jochum
Government OversightJason SchultzCraig WilliamsClaire Celsi
Human ResourcesJeff EdlerMark CostelloLiz Mathis
JudiciaryBrad ZaunJulian GarrettKevin Kinney
Labor and Business RelationsZach WhitingJesse GreenNate Boulton
Local GovernmentTom ShipleyMike KlimeshJackie Smith
Natural Resources and EnvironmentAnnette SweeneyDawn DriscollSarah Trone Garriott
Rules and AdministrationJack WhitverJake ChapmanZach Wahls
State GovernmentRoby SmithChris CournoyerTony Bisignano
TransportationWaylon BrownAdrian DickeyEric Giddens
Veterans AffairsJim CarlinJeff ReichmanEric Giddens
Ways and MeansDan DawsonTim GoodwinPam Jochum

*All chairs and vice chairs are members of the Republican Party of Iowa. All ranking members are members of the Democratic Party of Iowa.[4]

Current composition

Iowa Senate districts from 2012 to 2022

Current partisan composition


(shading indicates majority caucus)
End 201226230491
Begin 201326240500
End of 2014 session
Begin 201526240500
End 2016 session[5]231
Begin 201720291500
End 2018500
Begin 201918320500
Latest voting share36%64%0%

Past notable members

SENATE CHAMBER seating chart detail from the 1882 Iowa Redbook

Past composition of the Senate

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